Sunday, August 26, 2012


There is a folksy charm in the coastal area where I’ve spent the past seven years.  I appreciate it most in summer when I have time to linger.  While there are almost no homes on the scenic bike or jog toward themill, I go through town whenever I choose to go in the other direction.  One of the routes takes me takes me past small, family-owned farms that sell their crops at roadside stands where there is an honor system to paying for what you take.  I love that sense of trust. 

As I venture into a rural area on the other side of town, remnants of a hippie lifestyle remain even as people from Vancouver and Alberta move in and build luxurious waterfront homes.  A few flower stands keep the quaintness intact.

I reach a small jetty where I take in the sea air and sometimes spot a seal before turning around and heading for home.  On my bike, it’s a restorative 30-40 kilometer excursion without interruption from a single stoplight.  I can think about everything that’s been on my mind, but more often, I clear my mind and enjoy the sights and sounds.

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