Sunday, June 24, 2012


Okay, it looks like I’ve gone on a vacation and abandoned the blog.  In fact, I’ve been here all along.  I just haven’t had anything gay-related to write.
Sometimes one part of our lives overtakes everything else.  I suppose that provides a partial explanation for the dearth of postings.  Work has been intense.  I have been spending Saturdays in bed, following my dog’s nap schedule.  We’re both worn down from ten months of rigorous commuting.  A decent break is but two weeks away!
I’ve noted before that I don’t know anyone who is gay in my community.  A ferry and a lack of fine dining/shopping/culture seems to keep the gays away. 

I did talk on the phone last week to a gay friend in Vancouver, but the entire conversation was about cancer as his family goes through a difficult year.  Again, all things “gay” can become irrelevant.
The internet keeps me somewhat connected.  On Facebook, a friend in Boise posted a few photos and remarks about the city’s Pride events.  A lesbian friend in New Mexico provides links to her amazing art while a gay buddy in L.A. chronicles his restaurant stops with his partner in West Hollywood.  And then there’s Twitter, where I’m connected to more than a thousand followers who either provide updates on international gay rights or Tweet about hangovers and provocative pics (#nakedsunday...really?!  I try not to judge.).

It doesn’t add up to much.  I can put off the gayness a while longer.  Wish I could say the same about mowing the lawn!