Sunday, June 24, 2012


Okay, it looks like I’ve gone on a vacation and abandoned the blog.  In fact, I’ve been here all along.  I just haven’t had anything gay-related to write.
Sometimes one part of our lives overtakes everything else.  I suppose that provides a partial explanation for the dearth of postings.  Work has been intense.  I have been spending Saturdays in bed, following my dog’s nap schedule.  We’re both worn down from ten months of rigorous commuting.  A decent break is but two weeks away!
I’ve noted before that I don’t know anyone who is gay in my community.  A ferry and a lack of fine dining/shopping/culture seems to keep the gays away. 

I did talk on the phone last week to a gay friend in Vancouver, but the entire conversation was about cancer as his family goes through a difficult year.  Again, all things “gay” can become irrelevant.
The internet keeps me somewhat connected.  On Facebook, a friend in Boise posted a few photos and remarks about the city’s Pride events.  A lesbian friend in New Mexico provides links to her amazing art while a gay buddy in L.A. chronicles his restaurant stops with his partner in West Hollywood.  And then there’s Twitter, where I’m connected to more than a thousand followers who either provide updates on international gay rights or Tweet about hangovers and provocative pics (#nakedsunday...really?!  I try not to judge.).

It doesn’t add up to much.  I can put off the gayness a while longer.  Wish I could say the same about mowing the lawn!


Rick Modien said...

RG, good to hear from you and to know you're fine. As they say, no news is good news.
By the way, is your house still on the market? Any chance it could sell before the middle of the summer, when you planned to return to the US?
Also, what about your American visa?
I don't mean to be nosy–just curious about whether or not we're going to lose you around these parts.
All the best.

Rural Gay said...

Hi Rick,
Nothing happening with the house. All the bad press about BC Ferries scares away any Vancouver buyers. Nothing has sold this year in my commuter community.

As for the U.S. plans, I did a status check and it seems I have a 2-year wait before clearing the first hurdle. A lot can change in that amount of time.

By the way, my Reject-a-Hit article did appear on the back page of the July/August issue of Writer's Digest. Seems I wasn't too pleased about a little piggy going to market. Check it out.

Hope you are well. How is the novel coming along? Any other projects brewing?

Rick Modien said...

Greg, I'm sorry to hear you've encountered so much difficulty trying to sell your house. Yes, the situation with the ferries isn't a good one. Let's hope it gets better.

And the two-year waiting list, just to clear the first hurdle, doesn't paint a rosy picture. Looks like moving back to LA will end up having to be a long-term goal, which you probably knew anyway. I hope you're looking at it philosophically–everything happens for a reason, right?

I confess I looked through the July/August issue of "WD," expecting to see your piece, but I didn't see it and didn't look too closely at "Reject a Hit." Thanks for pointing it out. It's loaded with all sorts of fun stuff. I imagined you laughing out loud as you wrote it. Great job. Published in an international magazine yet. I'm impressed. You should be proud of yourself.

Thanks for asking about my novel. So it's about 280 pages now. I'm three quarters of the way through a second re-write (trying to stitch together all the pieces), and I've just added several new chapters. I'm really pleased with the result so far, but it's a hell of a lot of work. Still, sometimes, I look up and smile to myself, thinking I'm really writing a novel. Pretty exciting.

The only other project brewing is trying to figure out if some of the blog posts I've written so far could be compiled into a non-fiction book. But my efforts here are half-hearted, since I don't want to take away much from my novel now.

If ever you want to email me, just to keep in touch, I'd love to hear from you. My email ID is

Take care.