Saturday, September 6, 2014


I have a date. In Victoria. That’s not very practical. It’s a two-ferry trip plus a fair amount of driving. So is a coffee with a guy I don’t know worth it?

Who knows?

True enough, the coffee date was the beginning point. But the stakes are too high when you go through all that bother for a single purpose. How good can the latté be? The date is part of my new Go for It attitude. Just do things. If it gets to the point of working out the details, so be it. If not, so what?

I am always looking for an excuse to explore Vancouver Island and, especially, Victoria. Victoria and I have a love affair of sorts that is just waiting for the right circumstances to bloom into something bigger. I took the dating opportunity and made it something bigger. Time for another weekend in Victoria!

I am making it a grander experience this time around. Forget that ferry madness. I am taking a float plane to Nanaimo, then renting a car and driving south to the city. Given that I have a decades-old fear of flying, hopping in a teeny tiny aircraft is sheer craziness. But I’m doing it. And, at this point, a few minutes before takeoff, I am more excited than nervous. Adventure!

Who is this guy who has taken over my body?

I’ve Googled bakeries and ice cream shops to sample on the drive down and in Victoria. I plan to stop at my favourite furniture store on the highway. (I don’t need anything, but a browse seems safe. I don’t think they can fit in a sofa on the return flight.) I have a favorite running route along the water that I look forward to doing Sunday morning. And then there’s a café I discovered during my last visit that will be my breakfast stop. Pan-fried oatmeal with lemon curd and blueberries. Amazing! My backpack has some choice reads along with my beloved laptop. It’s going to be a glorious weekend!

So much more than coffee with a stranger. I’m ready to soar!


Rick Modien said...

RG, if you could only see how I'm smiling as I read your post. Good for you. Why not make a date of it, not just with a new fellow but also with the grand dame that is Victoria.

I'm sure you know, from my posts, how much I LOVE the place. What a thrill to have lived there nearly a decade. I miss it so much. Treat the grand dame well, okay? And have a blast. I'm so envious.

John Gray said...

I am a rural gay in north wales UK

Rural Gay said...

Well, Rick, Vickie & I had a splendid weekend, even without an afternoon tea. I truly LOVED my time in Victoria, as I always do. Can't wait to create another excuse to go back! I hope you find reason to visit, too. (Vickie does not like to be blown off, you know.)

Rural Gay said...

Hi, John! I hope you are creating a more connected existence with your rural life in northern Wales. For some, it's most definitely the right lifestyle. I've learned the hard way that it's not as idyllic as I'd conjured up in my mind. Still, I am doing my darnedest to make the most of it!

I hope you stop by the blog again. Maybe you've got some insights to share based on your own rural perspective. Comments are most welcome!