Friday, July 4, 2014


Fireworks? Okay, wrong country. But I should be so lucky. Today is Date 3 with Tim. I could also call it our two-week anniversary. There was a time, in my mid-twenties as I finally began dating, when two weeks was the cut-off point. A fortnight and then dumped. I was such a peach. And then I’d gone rotten. Even the fruit flies had moved on.

Two weeks should mean nothing now. I’ve had long-term relationships—up to seven or eight years at least. But considering the dearth of second dates in recent years, maybe a third time out merits another celebration. Frozen yogurt if not ice cream. Why not? And, of course, some euphemistic fireworks would be most welcome, too. Sparklers for starters. Should I hope for more?

This is my last day in Vancouver for a while. The extended vacation begins tomorrow. Tim and I will be in separate countries. I am still excited about my trip. I bounce at the thought. But thoughts of Tim generate the same reaction.

I am going into this date trying to be in the moment. Let it be what it will be. Still, it is hard not to press for more. Everything is in the early stages, but there is a desire to further define it. What are we? Where are we? Where will we be when I return in six weeks? Realistically, I don’t think any of those questions can be answered, but still I ask them. It would be best to keep them as in-the-head queries rather than on-the-table probes. Let’s see how much restraint I have.

The plan is for a walk and dinner. In anticipation, I should keep my mind on lighter third-date questions. Like why did my hairstylist make my hair so poufy? Am I too old to be wearing a shirt this tight? When again do you add a tongue to a kiss? Yes, these questions are plenty superficial. In my twenties, they would have been all-consuming during the pre-date hours. Now they are amusing distractions. Just what I need for now.


BookChic said...

LOL loved this. A third date (and even a second date) is definitely something to celebrate no matter how many previous relationships you've had. The fact that someone else is interested in you (a general you, not you specifically) is always cause for celebration, lol. :P

As for tongue in kisses, I generally wait until the guy and I are actually making out. If we're just doing a kiss or two at the end of a date, keep it to just the lips.

Rick Modien said...

RG, I'll be thinking of you and Tim.

As I'm sure you are, I'm glad you're getting together a third time before your extended trip. That allows you more opportunity to better define what you are to each other. At the very least, I imagine you'll figure out what life holds for the two of you while you're away and upon your return. I don't think that's unreasonable. I'm sure Tim will want to know too.

(So I finished reading "FO." I really enjoyed it. As a writer, I would have questions about a few things, but, overall, I think you did a terrific job. It's a wonderful story with an important point.

(I don't believe more of Tom's story was really needed. I certainly got enough of it to figure out what was going on, why he was the way he was. I think your editor made the right choice here.

(I hope you're proud of yourself, RG. At least you can say you're a published writer, and you had the experience of working with an editor and publishing house. I hope I'm as fortunate someday.)

Have a great summer. Hope to hear from you through your blog while you're away.

Rural Gay said...

Hey James (aka BookChic). Thanks for checking out the blog and posting a comment. Things are continuing to progress and, yes, I am holding my tongue.

Rural Gay said...

Hi Rick,
It's a day of travel and I am sitting on the floor in hectic SeaTac airport. All systems go for my trip and for the possibility of more dating upon my return. That seems like a long time away though. Still, I am thrilled to head back to one of my favorite cities. Hope you have a great summer lined up.

And, again, thanks for reading my novel. It was indeed an absolute pleasure in working through every stage. I hope you have a similar opportunity soon!

oskyldig said...

Just plain adorable. I hope it was lovely and you're not still stressed. Your vacation will be lovely; you've earned it.

Rural Gay said...

Hi oskyldig. Well, I adored the date. Most definitely! I tried to suppress the bigger questions, though not entirely successfully. Still, I have gone into this vacation feeling relaxed and cautiously excited.

Thanks so much for continuing to stop by the blog!