Friday, March 1, 2013


I’ve written about crushes before, some very personal, hitting me every time I stopped in at the local coffeehouse or at the gym, others invading my living room courtesy of live telecasts from Atlanta.  (And on that note, sadly, I’m still waiting.)

A song at a Barbra Streisand concert and a random reference to Laverne & Shirley’s Carmine got me thinking about crushes again.  In the moment, they can feel thrilling (the ones in daily life) or titillating (those of the celebrity kind).  Of course, they are simultaneously tortuous.  Why doesn’t he notice me?  Why can’t I find a guy like that?

 I can’t think of a single crush that ever amounted to anything.  Maybe I have some sort of internal Crush Protector that keeps these hotties at bay.  Still, I find great amusement in looking back.  With enough time and space between then and now, my recollection typically comes down to a chuckle and a common thought:  What was I thinking? 

With all possibilities of inching toward my next broken heart on hold due to a broken foot, I need a focus...or a distraction, at least, from my dependency on crutches.  Bring on the memories of unrequited love (and lust).  Crank up that old tune by The Jets. For the month of March, the blog posts will be about crushes. 

Frivolous?  Sure.  Hopefully, however, the reads will be fun and will help you remember your own exciting, agonizing and silly crush moments.  I’ll reveal why I temporarily switched diet sodas, highlight overwrought songs that I linked to my garçon du jour and finally bid adieu to some questionable celebrity crushes with the help of current Google Images.  For starters, bye bye to Be Mine, Carmine.  

Oy! Indeed, what was I thinking?!

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