Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Can we get rid of the online laughtrack?

As I continue to live as a single gay guy in a rural area, my dating options are limited. I cannot be satisfied watching poor Jillian's suitors on "The Bachelorette". (It's down to two and the chatters online are divided into the Ed's gay camp and the Kiptyn's gay camp. Please don't let Ed be one of us--not with those shorts and that leisure suit!) Before moving on, I did learn from Reid how important it is not to hold back your feelings, but I am still faced with that glaring obstacle: to whom? I don't intend to talk to a tree. (It won't listen, dammit.) I seem to have no opportunity to apply my reality TV lesson!

Which brings me to the online dating thing. Yeah, still trying. Still getting nowhere. I've had a few new messages in the past week and they remind me of one of my peeves regarding online communication, be it emailing or blogging or desperately seeking someone. Can we please all agree to put lol to rest? The initial thing reminds me of that preteen character played by Gabby Hoffmann in "Sleepless in Seattle". It's CFJBAMS (cute for juveniles, but adults must stop)--Hmm, that one isn't going to catch on.

Are we all so insecure with our ability to write something funny that we have to cue the reader? Bad start today. I slipped on a banana peel with a cup of hot coffee in hand. lol. Maybe it's time for the monkey to go. lol.

If comments are not funny (see above paragraph), will someone actually laugh or smile because of the lol direction? Who is so easily manipulated? We've gotten away from canned laughtracks for sitcoms so how did the written equivalent creep into the Internet world? Please kill the lol. That would at least give me something to smile about. :)

Don't get me started on the typed happy face...

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