Sunday, May 20, 2018


A few catchy titles on display at Ada's Technical Books & Café
Okay, so this post doesn't have anything to do with being gay or dealing with mental health issues. But then, the main reason I keep a blog is to have a forum for writing and to get feedback from readers either in the comments section or, as is more often the case, on Twitter. Writing can feel like a lonely, even foolish endeavor. What's it all for? Self-doubt often creeps in. I have several--six, I believe--first draft novel manuscripts awaiting revision, but trying to get an agent or an editor can seem far away and next to impossible.

So, yes, I blog.

And lately, I've started to think about essays and other articles I can pitch to newspapers and magazines. Getting a shorter piece published, helps refuel when my confidence as a writer sags. Last October, UNESCO designated Seattle as a "creative city", specifically a City of Literature. Interesting. I had just gotten out of hospital, so I could only file that piece of information in the back of my brain. I just wasn't ready. In March, I began preparing a trip to Seattle that would be entirely focused on literary destinations. Then, over the Easter weekend, I drove down and crammed in twenty-seven places and events in order to decide which ones should be included in the ultimate literary travel vacation.

Returning on the  ferry from Bainbridge Island to Seattle 
After writing the article, I submitted it to The Globe and Mail, arguably Canada's most respected newspaper and today the article has been published. A bit of short-term validation. I'm thrilled and honored as this is my first travel piece.

In case you're interested, here's the link:

Now I've got to come up with another pitch...


Rick Modien said...

Great article, RG. Really enjoyed reading it. Thanks for the link. (And those pictures were amazing too.)

Rural Gay Gone Urban said...

Thanks, Rick. Fun to write...and a relief to know I can still get something published.

Rick Modien said...

You know, RG, what surprises me is when someone with your obvious talent for writing is dumbfounded (is that the right word?) upon getting published. I just don't get it. I've read enough of your writing over the years to know just how good you really are. But, of course, it's difficult to recognize it in ourselves, isn't it?
Trust me…you are an AMAZING writer. And it's always a pleasure to read what you write, even if the subject matter is personal and difficult.
Believe in yourself.

Rural Gay Gone Urban said...

Thanks for that, Rick! I shall keep plugging away...