Saturday, April 28, 2018


Eureka! A message.

That’s what my dating site inbox says. There’s a “1” plain as day.

Please let this one be a possibility. Please don’t allow myself to dismiss him for some shallow reason like ear hair you can braid or the fact he lists “Napping” as one of his few interests. (Both of these real guys have sent me messages in the past.)

Stop delaying. Just click on the inbox.


That’s it.


No punctuation. No words. No effort. Pretty sure the capital letter was only on account of an auto-correct.

I know, I know…“How are you?” But seriously, is that so hard to type? And, if it is, maybe the first message should be:

Asdf  (Aha! Auto-capitalization, just as I suspected.)

Even better, to show you’re a conscientious dude with true ambition and a commitment to finishing what you start:

Asdf jkl;

That would be much more impressive than hru. Was I really supposed to respond? If I type, “imok”, it feels like I’m going overboard and trying too hard with a response almost twice as long as the original.

And here I’ve gone and given it ten times the thought it deserves.


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