Sunday, June 23, 2013


Helsinki can wait. So can Dublin, Lisbon, Sydney, The Great Wall, Machu Picchu and the Serengeti. Even Minneapolis is on hold. (There’s a “Mary Tyler Moore Show” museum there, right?)

I recently wrote about the growing appeal of a gaycation due to my being so isolated where I live. Now I’ve gone and done what I thought I’d never do. I’ve booked a summer vacation in West Hollywood.

San Francisco would be nicer, but I have another reason for choosing a destination with “Hollywood” in its name. I have completed screenplays and television spec scripts that need to get in the hands of Steven Spielberg, Ryan Murphy and Chuck Lorre. I need agents to aggressively woo me. How wonderful to have Emma Thompson and Ben Affleck negotiating for me to collaborate with them on their next writing projects!

Dream big, right?

You see, I’m not just delusional about finding love, I’m dreaming like a sixteen-year-old of overnight success in the entertainment industry. (I just happen to be 3 sixteen-year-olds rolled into one. Sometimes you have to spin that silly age number.)

While awaiting that momentous day when I find the love of my life AND I’m signed to CAA, I can continue to write, work out and reconnect with a few L.A. friends I am still in touch with after moving nineteen years ago. I’m also attending the 3-day summer conference of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI), an event I attended three years ago and found to be massively inspiring. (I also have several picture book, middle grade and young adult manuscripts at various stages of completion.)
Regardless of what happens (or doesn’t happen) during my month just off Melrose, the change of venue should provide creative renewal and a bigger picture point of reference for the coming year when I am back in my scenic, oh so quiet regular environment.

Just booking the trip has triggered a sense of renewal, a twinge of hope and something to look forward to beyond a way of living that has become a comfortable rut.

Perhaps I will have a more updated view of what it means to be gay and I may discover cultural references more current than “Will & Grace” and Andy Gibb. Or maybe I’ll just find a kindred spirit who spouts off favorite moments involving Jack & Karen (& Rosario). Maybe he’ll even just want to be my everything.

As my first true gaycation is still in the anticipation phase, anything can happen.

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