Monday, July 18, 2011


To Canadian gays and lesbians who walked down the aisle after gay marriage became law six years ago, the gift is candy. I am two days ahead of the gay marriage anniversary, but I've been told there are some partners who need some not so subtle reminders. Make reservations for the chocoholic buffet, share a Twizzler, Lady and the Tramp style, or just pop a handful of tic tacs before a celebratory smooch.

As the ugly rhetoric against gay marriage continues in the United States (and elsewhere) and reaches reprehensible status amongt some anonymous online comment posters, there remain sizable pockets of Canadians opposed to gay marriage and, well, gay anything. Still, marriage is an established right. Those against can refuse to buy the gravy boat and stay home from the ceremony (assuming they got an invite).

I moved here from California, that once hippy-infested, granola haven that bred left-leaning politicians like rock-star-dating Jerry Brown. (Hey! Jerry's back?! Alas, his "When Will I Be Loved" muse moved on.) I have gay friends who married there, pre-Prop 8, odd asterisks to the "man and a woman" state of marriage there today. They are a minority within a minority. Time will change--hello, New York!--but it baffles me that sunny California is shrouded in a veil of darkness.

I don't hear much from the LGBTs in Canada about gay marriage now. The naysayers from outside rant unchecked for the most part and the naysayers from within, who pooh-poohed the desire for recognition through a traditionally heterosexual instituation, have moved on to...what? Seems there's a complacency.

Anniversaries remind us to appreciate something substantial, something that took a common focus and partnership to achieve and sustain. Yes, happy anniversary to the sweet-toothed bride-bride, husband-husband, spouse-spouse couples. The aisles may remain clear for me, but I'm off to get a box of Smarties just for me to celebrate the occasion. Why not? Gay marriage is possible, even when only a hypothetical. This is Canada.

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