Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Saint Luc replied to my apology the same evening. “You’re forgiven.” He called the mix-up a “funny situation”, which it really was once I could get past feeling like a complete jerk/ditz. He’s out of town for a few days, but is willing to try again next week. We’ll see; maybe his was simply being polite to an obviously stressed out old guy. Who wants to have a stroke hanging over you? Still, I am looking forward to the chance to meet him more than ever.

I suggest we meet at a café that isn’t part of a franchise.

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Miz Moffatt said...

ACK -- the curse of chain coffee houses strikes again! :S I'm so sorry to hear that the initial meeting with Luc didn't turn out as expected. Though, I have to say, you got quite the snappy title out of the experience -- "Two Tables for One". Very nice turn of phrase on that one!

I hope the first date is an excellent one, though! And hey, you've already got your ice breaker right there. It'll be an inside joke from the moment you meet -- and there's no better way to connect than over a shared gaffe. :)